Friday, January 21


Contributed S Baker

This is a studio shot of the lovely Miss Carly. :) It's one of my photos from the project Mr. Myers described a few posts down ("Q-Tip"). They all turned out really wonderful, but this one is definitely in my top three favorites. The color of her hair and the pattern of her shirt matched the apple theme perfectly and made for a great photo!


Contributed By J Bryan

I shot this last fall and only recently pulled it back out for editing. I cropped in tightly, cross-processed a curves layer, and burned the sky a little so it stood out against the clouds.

Friday, January 14


Contributed By R Niday

I took this picture in DC while making my way through the sea of people. I put a graphic filter over the picture and adjusted the shadows.


Contributed By J Bryan

For my studio portrait assignment, I had everyone spin in a swivel chair and shot with a reduced shutter speed to get the blurring effect. After cropping each picture to a square, I layered them together and adjusted the opacity of each layer to blend them into one image.


Contributed By J Bryan

This tree is right behind my house, and I thought the thin branches made really interesting lines and shapes. I darkened the levels a little and adjusted the curves to create the blue-purple shades.


Contributed by Jodan

I took this picture over the summer while I was at the Birmingham Zoo. I darkened the levels and cropped out some of the background. I really like how this picture turned out.

Tuesday, November 16


Contributed by M Silas

I'm really proud of this picture. I took it at the park in front of Calera High School. I used the macro lens to get the close up of the coke bottle. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice the background quality a little bit. I love the concept of this shot more than anything else. Even though this picture didn't come out the best, I love the shot itself.

Thursday, November 11

10/11 Photography Classes ~ "Q-tip"

Contributed by Mr. Myers

Last Wednesday, November 10th, I started a new project with my students.  Here they are, divided into classes, and in the order that I shot the pictures.  I gave each student one or more Q-tips to use as a prop, and I gave them two chances to get a good shot.  I really love how it turned out.  Now, it's up to the students to come up with an original artistic idea to use as a common element as they take pictures of all their classmates.  I will be posting these on another blog.

Tuesday, November 9

Look Down

Contributed By J Bryan

I took this picture while visiting my uncle's grave at Jefferson Memorial; they have lots of marble statues and monuments that photograph well. I adjusted the curves and dodged/burned on the face a little to get stronger contrast.


Contributed By R Niday

I took this picture the morning of the rally. It turned out better than i had thought it would. I adjusted the shadows and cropped out some of the background.