Thursday, January 18

Evacuate The Vacuous

Contributed by N Jackson

I took this picture as a part of our tone on tone project. The apple is this red glass paper weight I found in my attic space a few weeks prior. I angled my flash head at the ceiling and let the light bounce off from there. I think in doing that the light from the ceiling came down through the apple and that's what the red glow is from. I edited the colors slightly in CS2 and cropped it a at the bottom as well.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot, I love the rich reds. I think the image might be even more interesting cropped tighter. I think the color on color idea really works great in abstract form. Again Nice shot

Anonymous said...

good shot. the red works well and i like the reflection in the top of the apple. the texture of the apple and the bottom work well together. nice.