Thursday, January 11

Frankie's Auto

Contributed by J Brinkerhoff

This picture was taken while I was in my 300zx driving down a country road in the middle of nowhere. I turned this picture into monochromatic and alter the colors that way. I left the lettering and pepsi sign in color and desaturated them. My favorite part about this photo is the different tones of the black and white and the odd toned richness it made. One thing I want to do on this photo is change the pillars that hold up the sides and get them to become more detailed and less flat.


Anonymous said...

I like. Although the sign looks like it was photoshoped in. Has the logo been imbossed? Anyways, interesting shot, cool car, and I hope five qts. of oil doesn't cost $2090.


A.Garver said...

love it. love the contrast. love the old sign. like john said i think its photoshop but this is photoshop done right.

A.Garver said...

love it. love the contrast. love the old sign. llike john said it looks photoshopped but this is photoshop done right

A Garver

Anonymous said...

i like this shot alot. it has a lot of character and the contrast is great. i love how everything is in focus and the sign shows wear. good job.


brett? said...

I like the sign being the only thing in color. The logo does look like it has been embossed which makes it look really 3D. Good job with the focus.