Wednesday, January 24

hoop it up

contributed by C Selman

I took this picture outside of my house on my driveway. It's a picture of my families very old and unused basketball goal net. I had to stand on the side of my dads car to get this shot. Overall I like the shot. I like the detail and texture in the net. I also like the depth of field. Also I also like how the color contrast gives off a gloomy sort of atmosphere-- just like the basketball really is (because it is very unused)! Tell me what you think! :)


Mr. Myers said...

I think this is a great abstract shot. Nice detail and exposure on net in the foreground and good contrasting softness in the background. The net creates a repeating pattern the leads my eye around the image and keeps if from seeming static.

Mr. Myers said...
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Anonymous said...

I like this! The depth of field is definitely the the coolest part of this photo. The blurry pattern in the back and the detailed foreground makes the image very interesting. It's a nice photograph simply like it is, but it could also be cool to make it an abstract piece - dramatic colors would be awesome. Another good thing about this image is how much it keeps the viewers eye moving throughout the strings and knots. Because it is not perfect (the discombobulated knot at the bottom), it just works.