Wednesday, January 31

Leaf Stack

Contributed by L Crowley

I chose this picture because i really like the the way the leaves stack up and the color of them and I don't really know... I just really like the picture it makes me feel warm inside and what's better than that.


Mr. Myers said...

I am glad that the image makes you feel all warm inside, what more can one ask from an image. Unfortunately it does not do as much for me. I think the colors are a bit dull and could use a bit of a saturation boost. I also wish there was a subject that I could lock in on. My eye has no good place to rest. It could be a green leaf in among the brown ones or something along those lines. But maybe I am just old and cold hearted, not being able to relate to your image. It just reminds me of the leaves I have yet to rake in my backyard. Maybe someone else can enlighten me to the merits of the image.

Rachel-whs said...

I agree that the colors are a bit dull. But I understand the concept of what you were trying to do. And I like your general idea.