Tuesday, January 30


Contributed by M Nerud

This picture was taken with flash in my backyard on my porch that is partially rotten. Clearly, you can see the ground of the carport below. The eye movement in this picture is pretty decent, and the color came out well for being such an overcast day (which is why I used flash :D) Anyways tell me how you like it , etc, so on and so forth.


Anonymous said...

it looks like you dropped the camera, the wood on the outside is to out of focus and the depth is not great. Nothing to really stand out with this. Below par.

Anonymous said...

The depth on this picture is very strange. It seems flat, or a like it's a photoshop collage. It took me a minute or two to understand what was going on. Maybe if the wood was in focus it would be different.

- aaron

Mr. Myers said...

I am not sure what was drawing you to take this image. The floor that is in focus holds little interest so it does not keep the viewers attention long. I do like the diagonals and the framing aspect of the out of focus elements. I just wish there was more to it.
It looks better on the new blue blog since it is mostly warm tones.