Wednesday, February 14

Bad Dog

Contributed by E Cockrum

This was taken over a weekend at home. The dog was being quite annoying so I thought I would annoy him by taking pictures of him with the flash on. I liked this picture mostly b/c the dog was kinda of striking a pose.


Anonymous said...

Cute dog, not thrilled at all with the photo though. I am kind of getting the tone on tone feel in the photo, but thats about it. The dog is out of focus which does not help the photo out at all and the half circle of light from your on camera flash hurts the photo. Extensive work is needed on this photo.

Anonymous said...

I like the exposure and color of this image. Plus, dogs are cute.

-M Nerud

Mr. Meyerhoff said...

The background looks more in-focus than the dog. Did the automatic focus get confused in the lower light setting?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you had gotten the dog in focus it might've been a little better. But that's still just a maybe. The over exposed spot on the floor also subtracts from any other possible positive qualities that might found in this image.


CAiTLiN-WHS said...

I think a lot could have been done to better this picture. Besides the fact that it’s way out of focus, the lighting is much too harsh. But the dog is really cute.