Monday, February 26


Contributed by L Bates

Ok so it's not a photo, I know, however it was crafted entirely in photoshop from a photo as a guide ( Using filters to limit this photo to outlines, I was able to go in and color, lighten, and darken in areas I wanted. I'm glad to finally be done with it; It took several months of in-class time to get to this point. This was a personal project so let me know what you think, anything I should change or add to it to make it more interesting!


Anonymous said...

I like the lighting and the 3D effect it gives your eye. To be done completely in photoshop, this is very good. Also, the "several months of in-class time" not only payed off, but it also shows better focus than I could ever have.


Cory Burkhead said...

Awesome rendering! I find it amazing that you crafted it completely in Photoshop….it looks excellent. I really like the fine attention to detail, such as the light “spots”, reflections and shadows. The focus “beams” coming out of the headlights and fog lights are really cool as well. Nice contrast between the desert rose color and blue background. Great Job, keep ‘em coming!

-Cory (ERHS)

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture the highlights on the carare in the right places which makes it look kind of real but good job.


Anonymous said...

I think is really cool i watched her make it and she spent some tome to make this awesome car great job Bates