Friday, March 9

Dwayne The Tub

Contributed by Neil "King of Fraggle Rock" Danger

This is a picture of my cat, Molly. She's very old. And she's fairly fat. Which isn't to suggest I have a problem with fat animals or fat people for that matter. I took this picture while testing different exposure levels on my speedlight. I used my 18-55mm lens because of it's cheap lens construction you get a barrel distortion at different focal lengths. If you look carefully enough you can see on the carpet that it appears bulbous, like the kind of effect a fisheye lens gives. I enhanced the colors significantly in CS2 and I cropped it as well.


Ben said...

nice composition and color tones, the cat is in the perfe4ct look back position

Anonymous said...

The kitty speaks to me in a way. That no other animal has ever spoken to me. He says i must comment on this photo. Anyway this pictures is actually pretty good. Kinda over exposed around the cat but that adds to the picture.

Eli Cockrum

Anonymous said...

yeah. i like the way it ALMOST has that fisheye lens look. only thing i would say i don't like about it is how bright it is in some areas. it's almost blownout, but not quite. i would just try to prevent that. but i still like this picture.

Anonymous said...

I really like the colors in this photo; they go together really well and make the cat’s eyes and nose (even the edge of the ears a bit) stand out. I also like the effect on the carpet; it draws the eye to the cat even more. One thing that is distracting is the carpet right behind the cat is a little harsh and it seems like the cat’s body is fading into the carpet on the right side. Good pic though.
-Cami M.

Mr. Myers said...

wow, really great detail you captured in the eyes and fur of this feline. The carpet is a bit overexposed and like a previous reviewer stated the color is too close to the cat. I think the cat pose is great.