Friday, April 20

Flower Pretty

Contributed by T Stantis

It is a flower. Flowers are pretty. What more do you want?


Anonymous said...

nice shot mr Trev. the yellow moves the eye. nice shot

Anonymous said...

I really like the detail in this picture. I like how you can see the lines in the petals. This picture is very sharp and the other flowers in the background help lead your eye around the photo too!


Megan M. ERHS said...

i love this shot!! its very appealing to me because of the touch of yellow color that stands out. nice angle to shoot from too. good job!!

ERHS kid said...

I like the way you have the flower at a little tilt. The color is good the texture and clarity of the lines adds some good depth.

Mr. Myers said...

Incredibly sharp and crisp image, I love all the detail in the front petal. Good composition also.

Anonymous said...

really nice image. i really like how sharp the texture & lines are.