Friday, September 7


Contributed by M Crumbley

I took a picture of my glasses about 10 minutes ago and they started reflecting my keyboard so i moved some stuff around and i ended up taking a picture of my glasses and they reflected my keys. I really like the picture, it was just an accidental process that i found this picture. I know its not much but i like it.


CJ said...

maybe its just my moniter but from where I'm sitting this pic looks a little grainy. other than that though its a fairly well composed piece. the glasses dominate the center of the shot but the table edge in the background and the key thing in the bottom left corner help give the shot depth of field and balance. the greatest thing this shot piece has going for it, in my opinion, is the fish eye effect on the keys in the glasses lens. thats pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I like the reflection of the picture, but that's about it, the shot is very grainy, should have had a different ISO.

- trey carnes

Anonymous said...

I am not truly a big fan of this photo, I seems just too ill placed, not thought out. A good photo takes thought and planning, without it, it does not gain artistic look, unless you are just lucky. It also is very grainy, probably because of the low light and the levels adjustment. My thought is that you should take time to think out the photo before you take it!!

Mr. Myers said...

I have to agree with Brink on this one. For this type of photography, you should have ample time to get the best shot. Your shot includes several distractions from the main subject. The white stuff (LL) the patch of light background (UL) and the corner of the keyboard (LR) these could have been easily omitted with a bit of preclick editing. As for the grainy needed more light. I like the object and nice reflection of the keys, but you could improve this photo a lot with more planning.

Heather Savage Rhs said...

I really love the look of this photo, Its different Idea that people have may have problems taking pictures of! Great work!

Anonymous said...

i like the reflection in this photo. it does however look grainy but its not bad for 10 minutes before posting it.