Tuesday, September 18

My Caboose

Contributed by E Jones

this is a picture of my caboose te he
well its accually across the street from tip top
i really like the red color and how it is old and crackly
i think the shot could be alot more intersting but it is allright the angle of the shot is kinda boring
i like old things though and this is old so i like it
ya kno


JustPlainWade said...

I knew it! I saw you and myers working on this today and thought i recognized it as that caboose but wasn't sure. this is a little more than a mile away from my house and i used to to have nightmares about it. I love the way you captured the mood of it in this photo though. The colors are very sharp and vivid and i like the way the word antiques is chipped away letting you know how old this thing is. Great Picture!

CJ said...

well, I dont think the angle is bad but it could have been nudged over more to the right so as to incorporate more greenery. that red is really "in your face" and some more nice, green trees would compliment it quite nicely. but its still a pretty good shot. the viewer (that is to say me) looks at the sign and the delapidated caboose and thinks about the history that it must have experienced. its one of those pieces that encourages thinking, and of course staring. the white antique sign is the focal point while the black bar across the bottom moves the eye and the red paint keeps the eyes on the piece and not its neighboring piece. good job.

hi. im evan. said...

Dearest Eric
Upon seeing this picture before it was edited, I have to INFER that it looks much better. I do declare that that the angle of the shot is alright. This photo isn't as boring as you say because of the crackelyness of the caboose and the vivid redness.

Anonymous said...

wow eric, you've really done a crack up job with this one. but seriously I really like the shot, the red is really vibrant and saturated which gives it alot of appeal. the composition could be a little bit better you know you could have centered the shot a little more or found a unique angle but over all you've done a good job.


jack said...

this is a very nice shot. im a bit curious what that word is. the rustic look adds an aesthetic effect that could appeal to almost anyone. the actual shot seems to be off center, so maybe a crop here and there might help a bit. also if you were to take another shot, maybe a depth of field with the plants out of focus and the sign in focus would be a really nice shot.

Mattox said...

I like that the caboose takes up a lot of the shot, but I kinda feel like maybe the caboose completely dominates the shot but shouldn't. It might be a little better if there was more of that green in the background. But good shot and very good feel of the age of the caboose

Anonymous said...

this photo rocks! i love the brightness of the colors. the contrast is great and i like the aged look with the bold modern colors.


Mr. Myers said...

very nice image, it reminds me of Americana artists such as Walker Evans and William Christenberry. As I mentioned in class, the florescent light inside the caboose is really killing the "its old" aspect of the shot, which in my opinion is its strong suit. Cloan it out. I absolutely love the fact that the work antiques is sooooo barely readable that is causes me to take the time to look at it. Good one Big E

Anonymous said...

i love the colors in this picture. and that you took it from a close angle. very nice shot.

LisonMN-WHS said...

The rustic read and cracked paint is really awesome. Did you happen to find 6 children and a dog in there? (boxcar children joke) It’s good. Made me smile..