Thursday, September 13

Urban Decay

Contributed by K Stewart

When I was depositing a check at the bank I saw this building that was being remodeled. i love urban decay and so i figured i would be able to incorporate this into one of my collages. I like how the sky is seen through a hole in the building it leads the eye around the picture. I did a simple levels and saturation adjustment to create contrast between the sky and the orange of the builidng. However i am not fond of the lower left corner because there is nothing as interesting.


jack said...

this is a very good subject. i agree with your opinion on the lower left and how your eye is lead over there to find nothing. also this is out of your hands but the blue sky does not go well with this shot. besides that great shot.

CJ said...

okay, in reference to your collage idea this is my first idea/ impression: you cut out the white building to the left and the sky. replace them with some moody brown buildings and some cloudy/ murky skies. then have lots of tiny people clamboring(sp?) out of the hole made by the crane, or whatever that is. it would be like you were giving a message that poeple should try to escape from industralistic mess or something.

just an idea.

Ljet said...

i love this shot. it has great balance and contrast of colors. very urban decay. the pop of red really catches the eye. the bottom left doesn't really bother me i like it al lot.

Mr. Myers said...

I like your subject and I like your eye for composition. Jade is right about the colors, they are vibrant and the orange/blue contrast is working well. The white grid also catches my eye. My main gripe is that the dof is not deep enough and parts of the image are in soft focus. This subject demands sharp focus.