Thursday, September 6

Water off the Roof

Contributed by J Morris

I took this picture in the Spain Park courtyard. It was raining and i noticed how the water came off the roof. so i aimed my camera up at where the water was coming off and got a good shot of the water falling off the roof. I think its an interesting shot. i like how the water made different shapes as it came off the roof. Its a good motion shot as the water falls. i did not like how the picture looks a little crooked. I did not get the shot straight. I also wish there was not as much sky in the shot. The grey sky does not really look good. but i do think the color of the brick verse the water drops does well.


CJ said...

nifty, I tried to get a similar picture the other day from out my bedroom window but with poorer results. you did a better job than me in capturing the water droplets but I think it might be because I had no background other than a grey sky so it all just kinda melted together. oh, and how did you manage to point your camera lens skyword without getting water drops all over it? that seems like it would be a little tricky. as for the "crookedness," I like it that way and the sky would look better if there was actually detail there. I suggest you just put a layer of a more interesting sky behind the building. that would fix that real quick.

Anonymous said...

i think you could have taken the picture from a better angle. maybe have the camera aimed toward the sky more so there would be a little more going on in the picture. overall i like it.

Mattox said...

Haha I have to agree with cj: nifty. I like the motion of the rain and the composition a lot. The angle, from the ground, is really cool too. I, and this really is just something to do with me, but I'm not a fan of the color. I don't know why, but somehow the green roof and the red brick don't really work. But that seems more like a design problem on the building