Thursday, October 25

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Contributed by K Stewart

I took this picture on a recent trip to New Orleans. This guy was standing on Bourbon Street and if you put a couple o bucks in the can... he dances (well robot dances). He started posing for me and this was a total luck shot. I did a slight levels adjustment and brought the black point in and then applied a sharpen mask.


Eric said...

i like the photo i mean it is a great choice of subject.
the one central color attracts attention
its nice
also who knows maybe this will be my best friend next year

jack said...

very interesting subject and the silver is not too bad of a color. as far as the shot i think it was a spur of the moment thing and as a result is a bit to grainy. i like the intricate details of this picture to show the sublayer of this man. while he may seem happy, he probably is homeless. this is evident in the lack of orthodontic care and his scraggly face. of course i could be way of base and he could just enjoy doing things like this. i think if you used the rule of thirds a little more or had a better background it would have made the shot significantly better, overall not bad though.

Ashley V.-ERHS said...

I like how close you got to your subject in this image, I think that getting up near his face captures his expression and his story. He kind of is a little bit scruffy looking when you get really close, and I think by portraying that you're telling more of the story then, hey look at this silver guy. I think maybe if you had a little bit more space on the left side of the frame it would have enhanced the rule of thirds some, and maybe a little more depth of field would have gotten you a little less of an awkward background. But that's being extremely nit-picky, I really like this image.

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of this shot. at first glance it looks busy, but that is what makes it really great because you have to take a second isn't one of those shots you can just take a look and pass by.

Lacey Majoor said...

Totally reminds me of Eurotrip. I love that movie.