Friday, October 19

Happy Friday

Contributed by W Hopkins

The way i got this picture was by taking several photos of the same sunset in different exposures while on my panorama project. I put the photos together and adjusted the exposure and white point in Photoshop HDR format. This is what i got and I really like it. I had to crop out a lot of the bottom because it was just trees and was distracting.


Anonymous said...

I quite like this photo. It seems as though it were a painting more so than a photograph, I guess that is why I like it more. Great colors and a great job!!

Anonymous said...

I like the orange and reddish color of the sky. And also how it transitions from the very dark bottom half to a very light top half.

Jade said...

this is a great photograph wade. I really love the color of the clouds and the overall picture. Its really beautiful and you captured the sunset very well.

C 2 tha Rumbley said...

Awesome shot. I Love sunsets. This is a very cool shot. You got the sunset at just the right time to make it look great. Nice job. I like the colors.

Anonymous said...

its a nice background, but where is the subject. Where is my eye supposed to go in this picture? Where is the dimension? The principles of art and design?

your fellow blogger #2