Tuesday, October 30

No Trespassing

Contributed by m Bevis

I can honestly say have no idea where took this picture, my sister and i went on an adventure and we ended up in this wide open area of nothing. I really liked how the sign in the picture was set up and i thought it would look good from this angle. I put a levels adjustment on this photo and the sky was just straight up white, so i made it a bit more blue.


jack said...

this is an excellent picture. very good subject, great vibrant colors. the red sticks out, but in a way that is not very distracting. the sign is a little dark and that's probably due to the levels adjustment. so try masking just the sky through or just making a selection of the sky and making it less bright. of course the best solution for a blown out picture is take the same picture again..except not blown out obviously. besides those two minuscule things it's a great picture.

Anonymous said...

this is a really great shot! i like that contrast of the grass and the sign. plus the rule of thirds. the trees in the background are interesting.

Kasey Smith-ERHS said...

Nov. 5th, 2007
This picture is very unique. I like the contrast of the sign versus the trees and the sky. I also like how the sign isn’t nailed or anything it’s just hanging there. Good job!

Anonymous said...

This is another picture that tells a story. I really like how the sign stands out. The colors in this photo are really nice. They blend well and don’t cancel anything out.
The open field that has the abandoned look really makes the sign fit. Almost as though it’ sacred land. I love it.

Gabby M.

hi. im evan. said...

I like this picture because the color scheme fits, the lighting is pretty good and the sign's colors are a great contrast to the vibrant green field behind it.

Kayla S. - ERHS said...

I love the colors and the feel of this photo. I am fascinated with how you focused on the sign depth of field wise but what attracts the eye is the field and openness beyond the sign.

I like the natural sunlight and the rays coming through the trees.

Depth of field and Rule of Thirds are used very well in this shot. The clear sign is off to the left and what’s behind it to the right is out of focus.

It’s like a warning but the picture is happy.
Great Job!