Tuesday, October 16

Splish Splash

Contributed by J Morris

I took this picture in the park in front of Spain Park. its where the water falls off at the drain under the bridge out by the lake. i thought it came out quite well. I zoomed in on only where the water was flowing. so you can not see any of the concrete around the photo. i think there is a great deal of movement to this photo which makes it good. And the greens and the blues go together well. i like how some of the water is a bit of a blur while some is very clear.


Julia Serva-Del Monte said...

I like the colors in this photograph, but it sort of bores me. To me it’s just another moving water shot. And maybe another angle or something else in the photograph could break it up a bit. I like the textures of the bubbles in the water and the lighting though.

TJ-ERHS said...

The motion looks completely blurred and the angle is awkward for this photo. I think that there could have been more to this photo than just flowing water there is not foreground and background focus. The water is a key to this photo obviously but there is nothing to this photo.

JustPlainWade said...

When I first looked at this photo i didn't like it very much, but the more I look at it the more it kind of grows on me. I Kinda Like it and Kinda Don't. I Wish the Focus was a little crisper in any certain spot of the foreground and not so much on the foam and that that was left a little more blurry. But i do really like the colors and the lighting of the photo. It almost has an abstract feel to it.