Monday, November 26


Contributed by L Jett

i took this picture for a human abstract project. i made it grayscale and did a levels adjustment.


Jay said...

I think this is a great picture. i like the gray scale that you used in this photograph. the main subject in this picture is the converse shoe. Your use of black and white puts focus on the details of the shoe. you can see the marking and scratches on the show. You can also see all the dirt and grim on the shoe. i like the angle of the shoe on the step. The gray of the contrast well with the white step. The white step itself follows the subject of things that are just kinda marked up by being scuffed up itself. I do not like the top left par of the picture. Its just completley black up there with no subject. i do like the shoe strings because they help bring your eye down the shoe string. overall this is an awesome picture. good job.

C 2 tha Rumbley said...

I like the subject and the shot i think it looks good in grayscale you did a good job i really like the shot

HHS said...

this is a fun up close picture! i really like it

JustPlainWade said...

Nice Picture Laura.
I like the black and white touch to it but i wish there were another white subject to balance out teh white of the step....Nice job overall.

Anonymous said...

I see the abstract but where is the human?


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