Thursday, November 8

Fountain Brook

Contributed late by C Mattox

I took this shot when I was out working on my architecture assignment. I felt a little weird at the time because there was some family walking around trying to enjoy the park, but I managed to get this shot while they were still outside the frames. Just the usual minor photoshop adjustments, levels, hue/saturation, and sharpening


CJ said...

I think this pic would look better if it were taken at night time so the sky wouldnt by so blown out but other than that I dont really have anything negative to say about this piece. There is some kind of light blue something around the top center in the sky and I cant really tell if its a branch or what but it didnt distract my eye too much until I actually saw it.

Bre ERHS said...

I don’t really like this picture. I don’t like the lights in the background maybe if they were cropped out the picture might have looked better.

hi. im evan. said...

this picture probably would have been better had it been at night, but you can't really help what time of day you get a shot unless its easily accessible right? I like the depth of field in this shot but i think theres too much yellow. Overall its alright.