Monday, January 28

Downtown Pizitz Building

Contributed by J Crocker

I chose this shot for today since no one offered one. This was from our "old" assignment and is a shot of a vacant building in downtown Birmingham. I really liked all the detail and the color pallet of this shot. Myers


jack said...

i like the subject, not the angle at which the picture was taken. good color and saturation if you did mess with that. either way it's an overall good picture.

Jay said...

This is a cool picture Jade. i really like how you got the details of the building. I like how you can see the individual blocks of the building. You can tell its an old building from this picture because of the detail. I like how you can see that some of the windows are broken and some are just fades. I like the angel of this shot as well. it moves your eye up the screen the picture and to the left hand corner. The only thing i am not sure of is the bottom of the picture. I would think that a little more of that could be cropped out of the picture. It does not seem to go well with the lines. Overall this is a great photo and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yay! jade this pic is crunch. But seriously i like the muted color scheme but the use of various colors. im sure you planned it like that!.. I also like how the composition is using the rule of thirds by dividing the building into 3 Nice!!

Robby said...

This picture has really cool things going for it. The windows are all different and I think that looks really cool. I think that the age of the building says a lot about it's character, and this building looks to have seen a lot.

Kayla S. - ERHS said...

I think the part of this picture that I love the most are the colors involved. They’re not super bright but they make themselves stand out against a beat up building.

I kind of like how the lines in this picture aren’t straight up and down, it adds to the shot.

I’m not absolutely positive which EOC was used here, maybe lines?, but that’s ok because this picture is amazing.

This picture, to me, represents hope in a troubled time. The building is clearly worn and aged (i.e. the broken windows and ruined blinds), but the color is calming.
Amazing job!