Monday, February 25

Reincarnation of a Dream

Contributed by B Murphy

I like this picture because the depth of field created on the rusty pully is cool. the rustic color is also unique. i think the blurry background adds balance to the shot.


Anonymous said...

I love the simplicity, yet detail of the picture. My eyes are drawn around the photograph. The foreground colours also go well with the background.
-Ashton SPHS

Jade said...

i like the angle of this shot and the depth of field. the only thing i wish was different about this picture is the color of the rust stood out a lot more and the colors were brighter. other than that i think this is a pretty good shot.

Mr. Myers said...

I agree that richer color could help this shot. I think the composition is a bit weak as my eye is led around to the right side where it kind of gets lost in the white area in the top right. Maybe a tighter crop could help it.

hi. im evan. said...

Blake's Rusty Wheel Picture
I like this picture alot, but have to agree with Jade. the color is a bit dull. Other than that, great subject, great shot.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture alot. I like how the background is blurry and leads to a focus on the rusted wheel. I also like the chain. The colors don't seem to have much contrastion but overall its a good photo.