Friday, March 14

Untitled - Have a great spring break!

Contributed by L Jett

The blog will be taking a break for about a week for spring break. Hopefully my students will be taking some photos while they are gone so we will have some new work to share. Mr. Myers


Anonymous said...

March 19th, 2008
I really, really like this picture. It has nothing popping out but yet I adore it. I really like the lines that are happening.
~Kasey Smith-ERHS

Erin Craven said...

Good lighting in this photo. I like the illumination on different parts of the boards. I also like the different lines in this shot. The focus isn’t very clear though. It also would’ve been cool to have a subject that’s a little more intriguing that stands out a little more.
Erin C. ERHS

Tyler R SPHS said...

I agree with Kasey the lines help me eyes move around. The lighting is god and how it gives each beam a different lighting effect. The rusted bolts give it the old time effect. Nice shot and Great Composition.

Anonymous said...

i like this shot because it keeps my eye moving around. the lighting of the shot is really good the only thing i wish was there would be a main focus point. The edges of this photo are really sharp and the exposer is really good also - good job :)
C.bevis - sphs

JustPlainWade said...

Nice One Jett!
This makes me think of a really old barn at my great grandmothers house in Tennessee. I like the leading lines aspect, but it would also have made a great monochromatic shot.