Monday, March 10

Wreck Tech

Contributed by C Mattox

I took this photo a couple of years ago at the Auburn-Georgia Tech football game. Bad game because it snapped like a 15 game winning streak, but the upside was that I got bored halfway through and started wandering the stadium. I just happened to look up and see this, and felt suddenly struck by inspiration. Bonus points to anyone that can find the random Alabama fan in the crowd. I like to believe that his real name is Waldo


Anonymous said...

I like how this picture fits as a whole. The way the stadium curves on the picture and the light from above looks great. Something that would make it look nicer was if the people in the back ground were more in focus.

Erin Craven said...

This photo really shows the spirit of the crowd. It’s a really cool sea of orange, but I wish you could see more of the field to actually be able to see what the fans are watching. That way you would’ve used the rule of thirds and probably gotten a cool curve too.
Erin C.- ERHS

Anonymous said...

March 19th, 2008
I really like this picture. I like the curve and the color display. The angle is a little iffy but good job.
~Kasey Smith-ERHS

Anonymous said...

Although I am a Alabama Fan, i do like the picture. I like how there is a sea of orange and that the stadium grabs your attention. This just goes to show how much people in the south love football as their is a packed out stadium

hunter- Sphs

shabnam-phs said...

That is really orange picture! I like how everything is in focus and the way the stadium curves on the picture. Great job!