Tuesday, April 8

Backyard Farmer

Contributed by B Murphy

I took this of a bird feeder in the backyard. It is an interesting subject with a unique color. I like the depth of field in this shot as well with the tree trunk and woods out of focus in the background.


Jay said...

well this is a cool picture. i like the sculpture. its at a slight angle to the right. So that adds some interest to it. you have mainly very bland colors. you do not have any bright colors in this picture. So you have some good things working with that. i like the blue of the sculpture. you have mainly browns in this picture. so the dark blue contrast that brown. i do not like that piece of pine straw over by the tree. it kinda sticks out. I do like the shell of the sculpture. the colors of it begin to change as you look down into it. so overall great picture man.

jack said...

nice subject, but the rest is just a bit blah. not much color not much else to look at, and even then with the subject, you always see those crazy things in almost every suburb. might be better with a background where i wondered where the little thing was sitting at.