Friday, August 29

WBRC in Birimingham

Contributed by M Morgan

I took this photo behind the Fox 6 station on top of Vulcan Park. I did a curves adjustment and brightened up the bottom left-hand corner of the shot. I also cropped in to bring the focus on the sign and did a smart sharpen.


Mr. Myers said...

I think your image is a good one that with more work could be a real eye catcher. If it were mine I would definitely pump up the volume with a saturation bump to bring out some of those colors, and a curves adjustment to add some contrast. I would then crop it a bit more, just above the top of the W and just to the right. I would then sharpen it a bit.
Good job on not just taking another sunset shot.

Chris Kent said...

I like the idea of it, and the content, but you really need to increase the color saturation, or even add a bit of your own colors to make a better sunset. It's still pretty good for a spur-of-the-moment type shot, though!