Thursday, September 25

Sunny Side Up

Contributed by L Hooks

I took this picture of a boy I babysit, for the children assignment. I really liked the expression on his face. I did a curves adjustment and a brightness/contrast adjustment.


K Thagard said...

I really love this picture! I really like the color scheme. The light colors in the background really compliments the little kids fair skin. I also really like the tight composition. I think it really makes the picture interesting. It also draws the attention to the little kids, which are b-e-a-u-tiful! I think this is one of my most favorite pictures I have seen all year! Great job!

Mr. Myers said...

Check out those lashes! I agree that the tight crop is working here and my attention is drawn to this guys eyes. Your dof is good for this subject as the stairs in the back don't distract.
My only suggestion would be to warm up the image a bit as his flesh tones seem a bit unsaturated. Good job

Ali H. -ERHS said...

I like the happy/satisfied expression on the boys face. It has a really positive feeling behind it. I like how the depth of field makes the boy be in focus but the stairs slightly blurry to make the subject stand out. I also like how there is space to the left of the boy so we get to see a little bit of the background. I get a joyful feeling from this photo and I would diffidently hang it up!