Wednesday, October 29

Beach Vacation USA

Contributed by C Kent

This is another picture that I took at Gulf Shores (near Orange Beach). I readjusted the shadows, and did a specialized spot-curves-adjustment. It was originally a 360 shot, but I cropped it. Let me know what you think!


5/11/2008 J.K. SPHS said...

Great photo Chris. It does however look a little weird in the right hand corner. I guess that is from it being an original 360 shot as you said. Did Eet Han go to.

jill d. erhs said...

This is a very nice shot! I love the aqua blue color you captured of the pool! It compliments the tan-ish colors of the hotels. This photo makes me want to go there, it is very inviting. It is a cool perspective, and is a really cool view. Good choice to crop it, by the way.

Tori P - ERHS said...

This is a great shot. It really makes me miss summer. I love the curves of the pool. I also like that you can see the chairs on the upper floors on the right. The only thing that bothered me was that when you look at the details you can see the cars in the parking lot beyond the chairs, which is slightly distracting. I think it’s a really nice shot though. Good job!