Monday, November 17

Game Day!!!!

Contributed by N Capps

I took this at the Auburn Georgia game this weekend. I think it is pretty good but has many areas for improvement. I did not have my usual camera so it is taken with a SONY cybershot w80 which is not that wonderful. I adjusted the levels and exposure. I also worked on the sharpness.


tyler m- ERHS said...

So much red! Making the picture really narrow makes the stadium look huge. From the looks of this I think you had to use a large zoom lens to get the whole field in the photo. Definitely using good filling the frame for elements of composition. I get a football game day from this picture.

Anonymous said...

you filled the frame really welland the composition of the picture itself is excellent!
it looks like a picture straight off the back of one of those auburn tshirts! i like the sense of depth in the picture as well. good work!

emily sphs

Anonymous said...

this is a really good picture. It might not be the most unique shot but i really like these pictures of football stadiums. I also like how there are players on the field and people in the stands, you can just feel the excitement. the other thing I like is there are like 3 main vibrant colors in this shot green for the field, red/orange in the stands, and the bright blue sky.
...Go Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. Even though it is small it shows a lot. It gives a good representation of what was going on there (I was there also). I like how all of the colors contrast each other but they all unify the picture. I also like how there isn't one specific thing that stands out the most. I like being able to look at everything in the picture. Good job!


Tessa B-HHS said...

you filled this picture with orange well. I like the way the sky is a bright cool blue and how the colors are bright. The sharpness is very good.

warrr eagleeee hey!

Tori P - ERHS said...

This photo has a really cool feel to it. I like how you can see almost the entire crowd, and all the red they’re wearing. It’s hard to see the field, and the sky is overexposed, but considering you weren’t using a very high tech camera, this picture is really good. Looking at this picture makes the viewer feel like they’re sitting right there at the game. Well done :)

Anonymous said...

I think this picture is really cool. It tells you a story about what was happening, what it was like and how many people were there. I think this is a single center of interest picture. The lighting is good for the field and the crowd but the exposure could be turned down a little bit on the sky, its coming off a little to bright.