Monday, November 3

Object Tessellations

Contributed by K Meinke

My beginning photography students have finished their object tessellations. These are created using a equilateral triangle as a building block and then arranging objects that have reflective symmetry on the sides of the triangle. The triangle is then repeated and flipped to fill the plane.
Here is the gallery of the finished images.


Anonymous said...

I like this photo. I really like tessellations so i already like this picture. I like how it is very green and earthy. Tessellations automatically make your eye move about the picture so thats good. One thing i would have changed is that some of the leaves kinda pertrude out and look akward but other than that it is a great photo.

B Townson SPHS

Anonymous said...

I think the tessellation's came out very good, the images are identifiable and most of the ideas are obviously well thought out. A personal favorite of mine is Dana's, she put a lot of hard work and time into her project. The images were well masked and the over all idea and theme was well thought out. You can tell the she put a lot of effort into making the images fit together the way they should, and I can see no real flaws other than the mask not coming together perfectly.


Anonymous said...

I've always been interested in tessellations so I enjoyed viewing this gallery. I like the one with red balloons and birds, but must say that the black & white by Hawthorne is the most (!) imaginative. The class obviously got into this project and the results are quite good.

Anonymous said...

This tessellation is so pretty. All the dimintions of it brings so much depth. It amazing that all this came from one triangle. The shapes created inside grabs the eye, specially the shape in between the group of lady bugs.

Larl. said...

Leah's is my absolute favorite (WilliamsL). I think it is so beautiful and I could see it being used as artwork for plates or dishes and I think it would work wonderfully as a textile design as well.