Wednesday, December 17

Beginning Photography Portrait Gallery

Contributed by F Jones

Here is a gallery of my beginning photography students' portraits


Anonymous said...

I like the sharpness of this photo, and the very nice range of values. The model looks really good in front of the striped background - it's interesting but not distracting. The only thing I would improve is the fact that the stripes aren't perfectly horizontal ... not easy to avoid, I'm sure, but nonetheless. The slant of the lines makes the picture look a little wonky.
Other than that, excellent. (:

k malone sphs

Natalie C said...

I really like this photo! The image is very sharp and I like how the background is simple and complex at the same time. I think one thing that I would change would be to brighten the photo a tad. I would like to see more of a contrast. The composition of the photo was excellent. Good job, it looks great!