Friday, December 12


Contributed by A ONeil

I took this picture of a fan for the motion blur assignment. I wish I had gotten more of the blades, but I thought it looked cool. I sharpened it a little and messed with a black and white adjustment on it.
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Anonymous said...

I really like the idea behind this shot, due to the fact that you do not know for certain what the subject is, but once you know it makes since. Technically, the shot is fine as the blur is perfect with you still being able to see what the object is. Compositionally, I agree with you about getting more of the blades since really only one of them would have been seen (the one on the right) and would add some variation to the shot. Other than that, the shot is well done.

Anonymous said...

I really like this thought. At first glance I thought it was the inside of a car wheel. The rule of thirds is well used here. I think the picture wouldn't look much better if you captured the fan blade, in fact, I think this looks better. The fan blade would add lines that may lead the eye away from the subject. Overall, great picture!


Anonymous said...

I like this shot of a fan. I couldn't even tell what it was until I read the description. At first I thought it might be a drain of some sort, then I though about it being an old hubcap, and maybe even the inside of a dryer or washing machine. Thats why I really like this, you can imagine the fan as much more than a fan. I also like how you went black and white and how it looks like it is just floating there. I agree with you that a bit more of the fans would have looked better, but it is really nice how it is now. Well done. MFS from SPHS

Anonymous said...

I like this photo. If you look at the picture from first glance you probably can't tell what the object is but when you read the description and look closely you can see the object. I also like how you sharpened the image makin it stand out more and i would like to see more of the blades but overall i like this picture.


Chris Kent said...

This is really cool! I don't know how I missed this shot, but I've never seen it before! I really liked looking at it for a while, trying to guess what it was at first. I actually thought it was a drain in a sink, and the blades were part of the garbage disposal in motion!