Thursday, December 4

Handle with Care

Contributed by L Hooks

I took this photo in a greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens. It is not for a specific assignment, just random. I liked how it had somewhat of a rustic feel to it. I ran a curves adjustment, and also adjusted the color.
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Dillon D HHS said...

This picture really shows an atmosphere; it feels quiet, calm, and balanced. The wheel looks good on the left side rather than in the center and keeps the photo interesting. The lack of color also adds to the atmosphere, but also makes it a bit boring.

Overall though, I think this is a good picture

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture because you found something beautiful in the mundane. The rust adds a lot of character and I like how much detail you captured. the only thing I could think of that would make this pic better would be if the sky wasn't as blown out. Overall I really like it though!

Dustin U. EHRS said...

I like the way that the curve interacts with the pipes on the wall. The curve of the pipes adds to the effect that you seem to be trying to get with the wheel. To go along with the rustic feeling of it you have a shot of the window which seems to be a little bit dirty. This in my opinion adds to the effect of the rustic feeling.

kooblikon said...

I really like the colors in the photo, they are all rusty matching. The wheel is kind interesting.
The lighting is a bit bland though, so that kind of detracts the photo.
The placement of the wheel is really good in the photo.
The photo reminds me of an old salt.
-Alex Lincon

Chris Kent said...

It's definitely not too crowded! I like how the windows or lights in the background keep your eye focused on the bottom half of the image, and I also like the swirly shape the handle makes. I also kind of like the rusty brown heater that is at the bottom third of the picture- it adds a little something extra.

Anonymous said...

I actually think this is a pretty good shot. I like the positioning of the wheel. This photo has a very old and rustic feeling that goes along well with the calm atmosphere. Overall this is a good picture.


Anonymous said...

I really like this image. A like the old time feeling and the colors. THe wheel is in a good spot that really attracts your eye. Very good job.

Anonymous said...

I feel like this image has some potential. I like how the shape of the wheel contrasts with the linear lines of the pipes behind it. I like how crisp it is but at the same time I feel like it is a bit dull because of the coloring. It makes the picture feel a bit bland even though the shapes are interesting.