Friday, January 30


Contributed by K Thagard

I took this photo in front of Crazy Bill's Fireworks. I like it because the subject is really abstract. I think the blue in the subject is complimented by the blue sky. I did a curve/levels adjustment on it. I like the composition of it as well. I think it makes the photograph more interesting.
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USN said...

Cool object. Love the composition..

Anonymous said...

The subject and composition of this shot is very good, as it is a unique and abstract object. However, technically I would have recommended doing something to make it pop a little bit more, as it is fairly dull right now. Other than that, though, it's great!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. The sky serves as a wonderful background for the object. I think the white in the object is complimented more by the sky than the blue. The white is cloud-like and looks like it belongs in the sky. Overall, wonderful job.


Anonymous said...

I really like how blue the sky is in this photo. It really blends will with the blue from the firework pole in the picture. The red and blue of the firework pole is also set off very well by the blue sky.AR SPHS

Anonymous said...

This picture somewhat has the 3D look to it. But I really like how you just didn't put the subject in the middle, but instead used the rule of thirds. Also, the great background of the sky is good. It makes the picture look great with the blue sky. Again, great job with this photo.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting picture. It shows an interesting take on rule of thirds with the center ball on the thirds lines. The lines radiating out from the center of the ball lead your eyes around the picture. The abstractness of the subject, the firework explosion model, makes for a unique photo.

Anonymous said...

I find this photo quite intersting. I think that even though there is not that many things in the photo it still is appealing. I like the detail of t he sky and how the rod thing is coming in at an angle. it makes it a bit more interesting. I think you did a good job where i would have expected a photograph of something like this to be boring. You made it pretty intersting.