Tuesday, January 27

Printmaking Field Trip

Collograph print with chincolet by A Carr

Many of my advanced students along with Art III and AP students recently went on a field trip to the printmaking studios at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The participants created collograph plates that they then used to create prints on the intaglio press at the studio.
Here is a nice article that UAB put out about the event.
And here are some of the prints they created.


Anonymous said...

These prints are all really interesting. It is great that your students had the opportunity to do this work at UAB and see what working and learning there is like.

Anonymous said...

This prints are awesome it's very important to see something like this. i actually like it so much first of all because they look good, second i like how the colors are chosen Blue , Green, White and orange these colors made the picture more valuable and high quality .

Anonymous said...

These prints are so interesting to look at. My favorites have to be the very colorful one at the top and the third one down. I love all the different textures and how 3D they all are. Really hope we do this field trip next year so I can go when I'm in Advanced Digital Photography!

-Leah W. SPHS

Anonymous said...

I was involved in this field trip and really enjoyed it! I was surprised how well these prints came out. Most of them were really interesting as well! I think that each of them have an unique look and texture to them. The first few prints we did were with black ink, and those turned out to have a lot of depth in them. I really liked adding color into them with simple tissue paper. This was an interesting combination to use but very unique. These 6 prints turned out pretty amazing.