Thursday, February 26


Contributed by P Glenn

For this photo, I went into a part of Hoover I didn't know existed and started snapping photos. While I was there, I noticed this wall which seemed so simple, yet so full of character. I did a slight levels adjustment and cropped the photo to make the composition a little better. Overall, I am very pleased with the result.
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kel said...

Im not to crazy about this picture. Its a little dark. The image is very clear and sharp. Nothing really stands out to me, except for the vine on the left. Its a good picture, just needs some adjustments.

Anonymous said...

i personally do not like this photo at all. it is extremely plain and it has no personality. anyone could take this picture. try playing with the angle of the photo or find interesting lighting.

em sphs

Anonymous said...

Bo Bishop
I like this photo. the subject wasen't too interesting but i like how the colors are bland and really match up with the subject. I think you did a really good job croping the photo. it gave it a good composition.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. i don't like this picture i think there could be more improving. it really doesn't draw you in. seems dull and the color really isn't eye catching. I think this could be improved.

Anonymous said...

ill be honest. Im not a big fan of this. Its not that the quality is bad its just the subject is extremely boring. I can't realy find anything that catches my eye at all. I also feel like its not centered well. It seems like things are angled strangly. Its not terrible, i just think the subject matter could've been better.

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree with all of the above comments. i think patrick is right, that the wall is full of character; the "dull"/"bland"/"boring" subject matter and color, i think, is purposeful and says something, is part of the overall point. it is a classic ugly, human-made landscape that on one hand may be bleak or depressing (somehow it makes me think of both 1984 and frankenstein)--but in framing it i think patrick has brought out a kind of unlikely beauty in the machinery too.