Thursday, September 17

Game Day GT

Contributed by M Harris

I took this photo at the 1st Georgia Tech game of the season. I tried to time the shot with car's turn onto the street. I like how the people in the foreground add to the game-day atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

This picture shows how intense georgia tech fans can be. I think that you could of use a different angle and focused more on the GT car with the people blurry. I also would of liked if you changed the lighting just a bit. But overall this picture makes me feel like I am at the game.
-C.S.B. sphs

Mr. Myers said...

To me this is a good attempt at framing. I like how you framed the car and driver between the pedestrians, however your focus should have been on the car and not on the fan with the bandanna. You could have also used a smaller aperture and had all the depth in focus but I think it would be best with shallow depth but the correct focal point.
Thanks for sharing on the blog and keep shooting.

Anonymous said...

9/23/09 SPHS blog. I noticed how the rule of thirds was used in this picture- the point where the person in both the foreground and background meets with the car. Also I noticed that "filling the frame" was used in this picture. MB SPHS.