Wednesday, November 4

Pin Hole

Contributed by M Harris

This is the best of my 3 pinhole photos. I took it down in Veterans Park. This version of the picture looked much more interesting to me than the inverted one. I really like the reflection of the tree on the bench.

*I did not realize that you meant to post the inverted image... so I have fixed it and posted both. I like both and think they are interesting next to each other, the bench looks like it is at a totally different angle form one image to the next although they are exactly the same. Sorry for the mistake. ~Myers


Anonymous said...

this is an amazing pinhole photo, i wish mine turned out this well! i think it was a good idea to leave it black and white also, it gives the picture more detail than it would inverted. the amount of exposure was perfect when taking the photo because of how the light hits the tree and creates a good shadow from the bench.

Jones said...

I like how crisp the image is. I like that the bench with the tree have a lot of detail, as well as the background. It had the perfect exposure time for the pinhole. I like the peacefulness of the photo.

Anonymous said...

I like how the u can see the reflection of the tree on the bench and the exposure turned out great. Also the bench is like a leading line which takes your straight to the tree.

Anonymous said...

I really like this picture alot. I like how the picture is contrast to black and white. I like hope the tree and teh bench is black nad white but everything else isn't bold. I also like how the brightness is on the background.

Anonymous said...

This picture is cool because it is in black and white the shadowing on the ground is shadowed on the sidewalk cement looks like a mirror of opposite contrasts. P.O.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a really cool picture. I like the differences between the two pictures. Even though they are the same photo they still look different with the inverted color.

Anonymous said...

These pictures look really cool from the original black and white to the inverted black and white. It is visually interesting to look at and does make the picture look like it’s at a different angle even though it is the exact same picture which is cool. The focus is good although it does look a little fuzzy.