Wednesday, December 2

Awesome blossom

Contributed by D Stucky

I took this for the leaves assignment. I took it in my backyard, and thought it was pretty cool. I did a hue and saturation layer.


Anonymous said...

I like this picture a lot. Very nice work with hue saturation. The couple of leaves that stick out gives it some character. Good work filling the frame. You might want to adjust your lighting. The stems look a little odd. Overall, good work.
M. S. @ SPHS

Anonymous said...

This picture is very interesting. The saturation is great, i love how there are a couple of leaves that are a brighter color from the others. I would say this is pretty good work that you have done here. It would be cool if there was a cool background to it, but overall i love it.


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. The color of several leaves stick out and is really pretty.I also like how you can see the details of the leaves.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture. I like how some of the leaves stick out from the rest because it gives in some contrast. The lighting should be toned down a little, i think its a little over exposed. good job though.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture a lot but something is uneasy about the colors.
I'm not too keen on the different colors of the leaves.
Other than that I like it. Very nice job. It makes me wonder where you took this picture.

KaiRuh said...

I like this one a lot! The color choice is awesome and I love the darker leaves against the lighter ones. Did you choose a black background because the background was distracting? It looks great as is, but I think it could look even better with a different background.

- sNb

Sirbumpy said...

5. February 3, 2010
A Daily Dose of Digital Photography
D Stucky; Awesome Blossom
This picture does an interesting job of filling the frame and setting the backdrop. The focus drew me into the photo itself and I actually liked the lighting on the leaves. The contrast between the leaves and the solid black background was a strong choice and works.