Tuesday, May 18

Open All Night

Contributed by J Bryan

I was headed to this restaurant pretty late at night, knowing that they usually stay open. Turned out they had gone out of business. I cropped the picture in and increased the contrast a tiny bit.


Anonymous said...

I like how the door and the newspaper stand are both out to the side. Having the focal points to both sides make the picture very interesting. I also like the dark colors. It makes the mood very mysterious.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. The walls of the building are a little bare, but the aura of a closed building is present in this picture. I really like how lonely the building seems, especially so late at night. I think it could have looked a little bit better if there was a more prominent subject - it seems a little bit empty. Overall, great job!

Anonymous said...

I would not say that this picture is my favorite, it is good picture quality but i'm not sure what point of the picture is. But i do like the reflections in the door, that is pretty good!


Anonymous said...

I love this picture. The rule of thirds is executed really well. The contrast looks good and the picture is very crisp and clear. Good job.

Anonymous said...

The mood of this photograph is interesting. It's a plain sort of photo, but it speaks about the loneliness of the streets. The timing and lighting of the photo give it a sad look.

-cb SPHS

Anonymous said...

I like the dark setting. it creates a creepy and mysterious mood that makes me wonder whats going on at a place like this at this point in time. i like how most of the picture is simple but it arouses suspension and brings up questions.

Anonymous said...

This picture does not contain a lot of items,but it is a nice capture.Its quite interesting photo.The effects done to it makes the photo a nice one.


Erika ^-^ said...

I like this picture. Its like 2 pictures in one. One picture is focused on one thing and it shows another thing on the other side. I like the contrast.
FPHS Erika Y.