Wednesday, January 17

Awaiting a word

Contributed by K Bomer

I took this picture when my family and I went to Snowshoe in West Virginia. It's an old, dilapidated employee's lounge, but I'm pretty sure they don't use it anymore. I haven't done anything to it yet (hue/saturation, etc.), so tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

I like this picture there is good contrast between the red door the white wall and the dark roof, also the line between the building and the ground leads your eye around the picture very well!

good job


Anonymous said...

I like this picture, the angle you took it in made it a little more interesting.

-Varanda D.

Anonymous said...

Like the photo pretty well. The contrast between the doors and the photo really help out the photo. Wish it could have been cropped better, lose the trees on the right and the the 84 timber slab. The photo would have really accomplished its purpose if it were a little sharper. With it, it would be a better situated photo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys!

And remember, it's enthapy not entropy.

Anonymous said...

Nice Shot, I love old buildings like this. I think they have so much character. If I were to shot this I think I would have taken the photo from more of an angle. If you were to shot more from the left and shown the pattern of the doors going away from the camera I think would have created a stronger image.


Anonymous said...

how do you give someone credit for contrst when they didnt paint the building?

Anonymous said...

how do you give someone credit for a comment when they can't spell?

Anonymous said...

good one, you sure showed me.

its called a typo.