Tuesday, January 16

The shot

Contributed by Mr Myers

Mr. Jackson was not here today to contribute to the blog so I have submitted this shot of my son Evan. He is on a youth basketball team and is doing quite well. I liked this shot because of the group of kids from the opposing team that are behind Evan add to the tension of the moment.


Anonymous said...

i agree. i think this is a good shot because of the opposing team members. it's also great because it's candid and it's a great action shot.


Anonymous said...

This piece shows the chaos of todays youth. Also he seems pressured to live up to his fathers standards, but he knows he never can and never will. Thus he attempts to impress his father by blasting forth thourgh the kids a.k.a. "society" and taking a shot at the big times. Yet it will never be good enough for his father. In an art sense this piece seems a bit to much like a family album thing and not an artistic piece.

Eli Cockrum

Anonymous said...

I like that no one in this picture is blurry yay! Although you're a master at the art I'm sure, what I like about the picture is that they don't even look like they're trying to make a basket. They look like they're headed to some sort of amazing driving force... It's unexplainable...