Thursday, April 26

Find the Feet

Contributed by J Brey

I took this picture as part of the shadow assignment. The shadow moves your eye across the picture. my sister is sitting on the fence but you cant really tell.


Krysta said...

I really like this picture. It shows nice curved lines and it has depth. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling this picture. I really like the contrast between the white fence and it's black shadow. great job with that. I also like the composition you chose. making the shadow the subject rather than just something in the picture adds to the originality. keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I like this picture the shadow is really strong

Anonymous said...

Great shot! I like how you capture the fences and the shadow of it. Very Cool!

-Charlie Chawacharoenchai

Morgan Kim said...

Whoa, that is trippy! I thought that the fence was actually curved and deformed. Very nice composition. The shadow automatically draws your attention along with the white fence contradicting it. I love the angle, too! It's appealing to the eyes, whereas if you cropped the photo horizontally to the ground, it wouldn't be as interesting. Great job!

neil said...

This picture is borderline optical illusion. I would have edited the color slightly. But over all, good job.