Tuesday, April 17


Contributed by V Benners

I took this picture for my studio day and i just like the way it came out. I tried changing the color temp but I liked it the way it was. I also cropped the image because I thought the petals started to distract after a certain point.


Anonymous said...

I agree that those bright purple petals would have distracted away from the center of the flower too much after a certain point, but I do think there should have been a bit more in the top left - just enough to bring your eye back around but not enough that it would make the image centered again. I like the color but i think it seems a bit flat. Brighten it up with a levels adjustment!


Anonymous said...

I really like this picture. I like how the purple petals contrast with the yellow center. I also like the angle and position of the flower you took this at. This picture is very sharp and clear too.

_S Lucas

Megan M. ERHS said...

I love how you captured the main part of the flower and the water drops that are on the leaves. i really like this angle and this shot. great picture!!

Mr. Myers said...

Nice macro of an interesting flower. I like the compositon but to me the water droplets are distracting. I would like it better with none or maybe if it had more then the two.