Friday, April 13

Star Lake

Contributed by- E Cockrum

I took the shot at star lake. It was around late afternoon. And this was weird b/c it was a house in the middle of the lake.


Anonymous said...

i like this picture because of the reflection in the water and also how you can see the cement blocks that are in the water, but i think it would be better if you composed it to the side with the rule of thirds or something, but that's just me. cool picture.

Anonymous said...

I like this picture, other then the top being blown out.
I think that if you darkened the house a little bit it would look better.

- S Moffett

Anonymous said...

I agree with gillespie on the rule of thirds... it would've been even better with the house off to the side or corner. I love how the water fades to white the further it moves away from the camera. The only thing that interrupts that is the yellow spot in the top right corner. Removing that would make it even greater. Beautiful nonetheless!


Mr. Myers said...

I like the house centered just as it is. The rule of thirds does not always apply and this is a good example of an image where a symetrical composition is working. I like the image better after you showed it to me after you worked on the levels and color and cloned out the green at the top. I should repost it for you.