Thursday, October 11


Contributed by M Bevis

I took this picture a little while ago. I was just playing around with the camera and thought this picture would look cool. I think it came out alright.


Erin C. said...

I don’t get anything from this photo. It strikes me as boring, uninteresting, and plain. It doesn’t look like the shot was planned either. The focus is on the bottom corner. Why? Unless there is something special about the lamp that I don’t know, the corner is insignificant. Keep playing around with your focusing and depth of field. I do like your use of visual perspective from underneath, however.
Erin C. –ERHS

Anonymous said...

I actually like this photo, not as much as the other one you turned in though. The focus seems to be good with good lines of symmetry. I am not sure about the blank black spot at the top of the photo. Otherwise great job.

CJ said...

not interesting enough. you glance and move on. I suggest putting some leaves hanging over the edge or possably a bug of some kind on the big glass pane to give the piece more subject matter to focus on.

jack said...

i like this picture because of the limited color pallet (mainly gray). also the depth of field is adds a nice touch too.

Rachel-whs said...

I really like this picture even though its grey it still works well together. I think the angle is really neat, great job!