Wednesday, October 10

Pinhole Camera Gallery

Image by S Sidwell

Here is another new gallery from my Photography I students.
Their first photography assignment is done with pinhole cameras. They then scan the images, invert them and edit them. Some images have color added in post processing to enhance the image and make it more unique. Click on the title to view the gallery.


Anonymous said...

This is actually a really good pinhole shot, i like the actual shot itself and the illusion of the sun you've created is very interesting and neat.
- trey CARNES.

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing photo. This is my favorite pinhole that I have seen this year. My favorite part about the photo is the angle and the way it leads your eye up the photo. There is no real true critique that I have against this photo except maybe change the colors in the background a little bit. Good Job


hi. im evan. said...

I agree with Trey. The colors used in the center do seem like an illusion to the sun. This is a really good pinhole shot because of the angle and the colors used.

Jade said...

I really like this. I think this happens to be the best pinhole i have ever seen. The color use and placement is really good too.

shabnam-phs said...

Wow! That is a cool picture. You did something different and I really like it. I like how you use yellow color in the center of the picture. It makes your main subject drawn in the eye. Good job!