Tuesday, October 9

New Gallery

Image by L Spear

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. We had Friday and Monday off and today I forgot to post Blake's shot. So... instead I'll offer up my newest gallery of Photography 1 student work. These images are composites from images found on stock photography sites. The goal was to create a somewhat realistic image while learning to make selection in Photoshop. Click on the title "New Gallery" to check them out. I will post two images from my student tomorrow. By the way, my students and I are very appreciative of all the comments you all have added to our blog. Thanks!


jack said...

i like this composition. it's better then most of the collages but not being over the top. i like the fact that even for a surreal piece everything fits into place. personally i dont like the seemingly religious undertone...but that's just me. otherwise good job.

Mattox said...

Nifty. I like the composition and the colors, and the fading of the hands in the background is a cool effect. The only complaint I have is that I would like to see the stairs align more with the road, closer to the same width. But overall it works