Thursday, October 4

Club Flamingo

Contributed by E Jones

This is a photo i took at the zoo
the flamingos where fighting
we will never know
i mean maybe one day
but i doubt it
i thought the necks made a really cool composition
i like it


LisonMN said...

These flamingos are some crazy looking birds, the one in the back looks like its going to cry. Can flamingos cry? Also its good placement. I really like it.

Mr. Myers said...

Very solid and well done image. The detail is nice and crisp, the colors are vivid without being too saturated and the value range is good. Also compositionally the image feels balanced and unified. I also enjoyed your poem. Great job!

Jade said...

I really like flamingo's.. therefore, i really like this picture.

Anonymous said...

The color of the flamingos are really pretty. The greenish back round really make them stand out.

Ashley V. -ERHS said...

I like how close you got to them because it takes a minute to realize what is going on which adds interest to the image. The vibrancy is spectacular and the flamingos look brilliant against the grey-green background. It took me a minute to realize that these were real and not the plastic ones because the color and the image itself is so great that it threw me for a loop. I like how full the frame is, but I got a little confused about what was going on. The flamingo in the front looks a little awkward, and I think maybe if you could see a little bit more of his neck I would have been able to figure it out faster. But in any case this is a great image.

CJ said...

The crazy curves of the flamingo's necks really makes this picture and throws the viewer's eye all over the place. the depth of field is nice, the compostition is nice, the color is nice, overall I'd say this is pretty nice.

Melissa-PHS said...

I like this picture because of there necks. They kind of look inter mingled. And the pink/orange against the green is a great contrast.

shabnam-phs said...

I love orange color! This picture is so colorful. It just made me happy. Actually, I think you are right. It looks like the flamingos are fighting, and I hoop you can find one day why. Good luck! haha