Thursday, October 4

Pink Target Revisited (Red Target)

Contibuted by J Bailey

ok well here is the original that everyone has requested to see. my class has already seen it, but others haven't. this is with zero editing. the reason i put the pink one on the blog was because i purely liked it better than this picture. while this one isn't that bad, the other one was better to me. but yea, here it is, tell me what you think in comparison.


Mr. Myers said...

To me, this shot is way better than the pink one you offered up before. For one, it is a good shot compositionally and has a lot of good things going for it like the lines and angles in it. It does not need any photoshop flourishes. The pink you added was distracting from the simplicity of the subject.

Anonymous said...

I like the color of the shopping cart a whole better in this one then the other. The pink really throws you off guard. But in this one the color is perfect.

CJ said...

much better.
this might even look good as a b&w photo.